How to Fund Your Band’s Next Album with Kickstarter Marketing

Every band’s been there: you want to make a record but can’t afford it. You want to go on tour but how will you pay your rent? While Kickstarter marketing is not for every band, it might be how you can raise money for your next album.

Kickstarter albums are becoming more and more common. Just look at Tim Kile – former guitarist of the Arcade Fire <>. He raised $32,000 to fund his debut solo project. (Full disclosure: Tim was a client of ours). And what’s even more exciting is that mostly small, relatively unknown bands are using Kickstarter to make records and fund tours.

While it helps to have some notoriety, social reach is all that matters. And if you’re diligent, creative and engaged, you can expand your social reach within weeks.

A band Kickstarter has some nice perks: there’s more than one person to help promote. More than one band member means more circles of friends and families. But even if you’re a solo act looking to raise money, the principles are essentially the same:

  • Know your audience. What blogs and sites talk about the bands who are thriving in your market? Engage those influencers by sharing their content and reach out for press inquiries.
  • Get creative. A Kickstarter band can put out music even before making an album: make simple videos of your band playing your songs – rehearsals, live shows, or even just acoustic performances in your room. Original content is king.
  • Promote offline. Bands have the advantage of live events at which they can promote their Kickstarter album fundraiser. Take advantage of this unique opportunity that other types of projects don’t have.

As long as your band doesn’t totally suck, you can apply Kickstarter marketing strategies to reach more people and raise money for your next album or tour. If you want more to specific advice on how to get your band out of the garage and in the studio, give us a call today.

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