Kickstarter Marketing

Kickstarter Marketing

Why Kickstarter Marketing?

Kickstarter marketing can be extremely effective for rallying community and raising funds for your Kickstarter project — only if you effectively communicate with those who might donate. Luckily for you, that’s our specialty. Once you decide a Kickstarter marketing (or other crowdfunding) campaign is right for you, call us before you launch. We know how to promote your Kickstarter project.

How to promote your Kickstarter project

We will:

  • Help you plan and prepare your product for Kickstarter consumption.

  • Recommend a Kickstarter timeline and campaign goal based on social reach of product and project.

  • Recommend Kickstarter Rewards based on product offering.

  • Provide tips on creating the best possible video to promote your campaign.

  • Educate you on a Kickstarter marketing tactics including when and how often to tweet, post on Facebook, email social contacts, and reach out to relevant blogs.

  • Guide you through creating Internet-specific content to release on your various social networks regularly, throughout your campaign, to promote your Kickstarter project.

So! That’s a little about Shmedia. Want more? Request a free quote!