Indiegogo Marketing

IndieGoGo Marketing

Indiegogo Marketing

IndieGoGo marketing campaigns are a great way to gather your community and get donations for your project — but only when you communicate in a compelling way to potential donors. If you don’t know how to promote your IndieGoGo project, we can help. Shmedia provides the right blend of social media marketing expertise and crowdfunding experience that will take your campaign to the next level.

Just like our Kickstarter marketing campaigns, we’ll help get your community excited about your campaign with a strong IndieGoGo marketing strategy. Excite people so they share with all their friends. Engage relevant communities to spread social media marketing buzz . Our proven IndieGoGo marketing strategies will raise your chances of success, and are guaranteed to raise your visibility.

Every project is different, and every community is unique. We’ll tailor your approach according to your needs. Since your IndieGoGo marketing campaign needs to reach the right people at the right time, we’ll show you how to target the correct audience and convert more people into backers. We’ll help you identify your community, set your goal and rewards, and provide you with guidance through the steps of managing a live campaign.

How to promote your IndieGoGo project

We will:

  • Educate you on best practices for how to promote your IndieGogo project

  • Optimize your project for the IndieGoGo marketplace

  • Suggest IndieGoGo marketing timeline and project goal amount determined by social reach of the campaign.

  • Advise IndieGoGo Rewards based on product offering.

  • Provide best practices regarding the optimizing video for the IndieGoGo campaign page.

  • Recommend a IndieGoGo marketing timetable of where and how frequently to post in social accounts, email list members, and contact pertinent blogs.

  • Provide training as needed on loading social media marketing materials into IndieGoGo.

With patience, perseverance and positivity, your IndieGoGo project can succeed. But you’ll need a smart IndieGoGo marketing strategy specially designed for your campaign. When you’re ready to begin your IndieGoGo marketing (or other crowdfunding) campaign for your project, contact Shmedia before getting started. We know how to promote your IndieGoGo project.

So! That’s a little about Shmedia. Want more? Request a free quote!

IndieGoGo Marketing