Social Media Marketing

Who We Are

Social Media Marketing.

It’s what we do. We’re called Shmedia, after all.

We are social media marketing experts. We work closely with brands and organizations who want ongoing communication with their community.

Social Media Marketing
We’re an experienced team of social media consultants ready to help you with your social media marketing needs, led by Max Goldberg, from mobile app design to Kickstarter marketing. Our dynamic & savvy young staff can guide you through the daunting world of social media in a clear, simple way. Our expert social media marketing advice is designed to connect you directly with online communities that want what you have. With stronger social media marketing, you can communicate your message to a wider and more targeted audience, drive sales for your business, and draw attention to your brand or cause.

Let us guide you through the algorithms of the social web, and help you make the system work for you. We provide detailed guidance on how to effectively plan and execute your social media marketing strategy. We can help you develop a unique social media marketing plan, or we can consult you on your existing strategy. We’ll even train your team on how social media works so that you understand the technology at your fingertips. We want to empower you to use social media correctly. Get in touch today and tell us about your brand or project — we’ll tell you how we can help!

What we do:

  • We help you determine your online goals, and outline you on how to best actualize them.

  • We help you better understand social networking sites and hone in on the strategies that are right for you.

  • We work closely with your brand to create a cohesive social media strategy for your team.

  • We provide ongoing social media consultation to help guide your company through new territory and ever-changing social media forums and tactics.

  • Need a new, attractive, functional website that works cohesively with your online marketing efforts? We build websites and apps specially tailored to meet our client’s individual and unique needs.

What We Don’t Do:

  • We are not a PR firm. We don’t buy or advertise your brand’s way into a community. In order to pursue organic social media growth, we work with our clients to put out quality content worth forming a community around.

  • We don’t take every client. Social media marketing isn’t a magic wand. We work best with clients who are eager to learn and understand how and why social media marketing is different from traditional marketing, and why understanding the difference is what puts you ahead of your competition.

  • We don’t overcharge our customers. We build our quotes individually based on your needs and our time. Your consultation hours will never be prorated.

  • We don’t spam. Our goal is teaching you to engage with your brand’s current and potential community and we are very careful about how we advise you to do this.