Welcome to our new social media marketing blog

Hello, reader of our new social media marketing blog! Max here. I’m the founder of Shmedia, and I’m currently testing out this new blog on our site. It’s nice, right? Notice how smoothly your eyes have moved from word to word, and this only the first paragraph. With a blog-reading experience this pleasant, aren’t you […]

Guide to Netiquette – Why it’s Important

You’re doing it right now. You’re online, engaging in some way, and that’s how you’re reading this! The Internet is an amazing thing. The Internet puts just about any piece of information you could want right at your fingertips. Today, we can communicate with people across the world at the push of a button. We […]

VIDEO: Why is SOPA such a big deal?

Tell Congress not to censor the internet NOW! – http://www.fightforthefuture.org/pipa CALL THE SENATE SIGN THE PETITION LEARN MORE PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and corporations the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting […]

Social Media Campaigns: Ciplex: Chinese Theatres

Before we started our Kickstarter marketing services, we were exclusively a social media marketing company. After new owners re-branded Hollywood’s world famous Chinese Theatres (dropping, “Grauman’s,” from the title), they wisely decided to elevate the brand’s social media marketing presence. This is Los Angeles, after all, with tremendous competition for tourist patronage on Hollywood Boulevard. […]

Social Media Marketing: Ciplex: ScreenSHOP

Social media marketing strategy can help build a following quickly for existing and new brands alike. When ScreenSHOP’s web designers needed campaigning, we built Facebook and Twitter pages for their e-commerce store. We launched their site during Los Angeles Fashion Week, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In order to help an un-known brand build […]

Social Media Campaigns: Boston Wine Festival case study

Social Media Campaigns are the best way to rally a community and help promote events. The Boston Wine Festival decided, for the first time in twenty-three successful years, that they would implement social media campaigns to help promote their 2012 events. When we first met, the festival had zero social presence. We launched their Twitter […]

Social Media Campaigns: Ciplex case study

Ciplex is a web design company based out of Los Angeles that uses Shmedia in order to offer Social Media Campaigns as a service to their clients. Shmedia attends company meetings and helps their clientbase understand the value of Social and how to implement it into their marketing plan. Shmedia works with their clients as […]

Social Media Campaigns: ScreenSHOP case study

Social media campaigns help your brand grow communities prior to launch events. ScreenSHOP is an e-commerce site enabling users to buy the clothes worn in their favorite movies and TV shows. Once viewers fall in love with a star’s boots, the can, ‘See it, Click it, Own it,’ at ScreenSHOP’s website. Web design company Ciplex […]

Social Media Campaigns: Invertigo Dance Theatre case study

Managed social media campaigns is a great way for non-profits and social good brands to rally support from their communities. Social networks, email newsletters, and well-kept blogs are well-known essentials for spreading the word and maintaining interest in the cause. Los Angeles non-profit dance company Invertigo Dance Theatre needed more. The company regularly holds performances […]

Social Media Campaigns: White Lights Music case study

Social media campaigns: music case study

Effective social media campaigns are essential for a touring band’s survival, and this case study proves it. Los Angeles indie rock collective White Lights Music love streaming their live performances to fans. The have a very active social following, composed mostly of college students and recent graduates. The band reached out to Shmedia for help […]