Welcome to our new social media marketing blog

Hello, reader of our new social media marketing blog! Max here. I’m the founder of Shmedia, and I’m currently testing out this new blog on our site. It’s nice, right? Notice how smoothly your eyes have moved from word to word, and this only the first paragraph. With a blog-reading experience this pleasant, aren’t you looking forward to next post I’ll write? I’ll tell ya, me too.

I figure this blog test is a good opportunity to introduce myself to you, and give you some insight on what we’re up to as a company these days. If you know the Shmedia team (nice to meet you, by the way), you know we’re great at social media marketing. We’ve been tremendously busy since we opened our doors almost two years ago consulting for brands, non-profits, local businesses, and artists. We’re proud of the results; the increased impressions, clicks, brand awareness, sales, downloads, and donations garnered by our clients during our campaigns speak for themselves at this point. Our clients have taken advantage of our kickstarter marketing services, mobile website and mobile app design, and local marketing expertise to vastly expand their impact online.

In fact, I need to wrap up this post right now to go help a client. It’s fun being this busy, but I wanted make sure I took a moment to say hello. So, hello. And thanks for believing in Shmedia.

Social Media Marketing

– Max

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